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21st Century Leader Assessment

LPBullet-01 Overview of 21st Century Leader Assessment

The real test of a leader is the ability to adapt to new circumstances, to successfully guide people and operations as each unique challenge arises. To prevail in the 21st century, your organization needs leaders who can execute, innovate, collaborate and initiate effective change. Pivotal’s 21st Century Leader Assessment provides a comprehensive profile of an individual’s flexibility and capability for growth and success. The varied perspectives that feed into the Assessment provide an accurate and credible guide to areas for development. Data from multiple leaders’ assessment can also uncover common strengths or weaknesses that can help define priorities for your organization’s talent development efforts.


LPBullet-01 Rationale & Benefits of 21st Century Leader Assessment

The 21st Century Leader Assessment was developed to address the growing need for leaders at all levels who are able to learn, adjust, and succeed over the long term. Unlike other evaluation tools that pinpoint a leader’s dominant style and then encourage flexibility, ours directly gauges the individual’s current flexibility and highlights areas where greater adaptability and balance can be best achieved.

The evaluation examines the critical paradoxical skills of a dynamic leader – who can find the right combination of seemingly contradictory objectives, take decisive action, and still refine their approach when necessary.* These paradoxes include:

  • Change and Constancy – Setting effective and ambitious priorities for change, achieving results and yet knowing when to maintain a steady course.
  • Certainty and Doubt – Valuing fact-based decisions, recognizing the vital role of intuition, testing hypothesis and applying appropriate risk management.
  • Teamwork and Independence – Reaching across the organization to collaborate on common issues/opportunities and taking personal initiative to drive improvement.
  • Speed and Deliberateness – Using time as a competitive edge while investing it wisely to boost the quality of decisions, solutions and execution.
  • Customer First and Last – Demonstrating real commitment to customers, guarding the organization’s interests and remaining vigilant for threats and new opportunities.
  • Selling and Telling People – Applying a balance of persuasion and direction to inspire people and get results.

The 21st Century Leader Assessment can be of significant benefit to any organization or individual leader seeking to build the talent needed to handle new challenges and sustain your success. The evaluation is a valuable complement to Pivotal Resources’ Leadership Performance Retreat & Simulation and other elements of our Change Leadership™ system.

* For more insights on these critical leadership skills, see The Six Sigma Leader, a book by Pivotal Resources’ President Pete Pande.

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