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21st Century Leadership Modules

LPBullet-01 Overview of 21st Century Leadership Modules

Practical and focused, Pivotal’s 21st Century Leadership workshops provide leaders with skills that enhance flexibility and the power to drive effective change. Each module – four hours in length – examines what we call a “paradoxical capability”: an essential and challenging aspect of leadership that requires both decisive action and open-minded willingness to adapt and/or change course.

This is development for leaders that gets to the heart of sustained success and personal growth. Participants are encouraged to bring real-life challenges to the workshop and are able to apply learning to make immediate impact on their people and organizations. Pre-readings, case studies and examples “ripped from the headlines” make this leadership development with lasting benefit.


LPBullet-01 Rationale & Benefits of 21st Century Leadership Modules

21st Century Leadership Development features five hands-on modules; leaders are encouraged to select the components that best fit their needs and opportunities for growth:

  • Balancing Facts and Uncertainty – “Management by fact” can only succeed when a leader can recognize the limits of data and apply intuition and hypotheses to allow bold and innovative action. This workshop teaches leaders how to better leverage facts, test assumptions and apply a risk-managed strategy to meet critical goals.
  • Promoting Change; Managing Stability – In an age of accelerating change, the most effective leaders are those who drive improvement while also “preserving the core” – the processes, values and competencies that provide a foundation for success. Reviewing the subtle choices needed to establish priorities and manage a high return “portfolio” of initiatives, this module offers insights to help a leader be both a “change agent” and a steady hand.
  • The Discipline of Business Speed – Moving fast. It’s at once a powerful competitive edge and a cause of errors, high costs and customer pain. The 21st Century leader must master speed as a function of creativity, drive and discipline. In this course, we examine the key considerations that can enable a leader to accelerate results while ensuring the right outcomes and avoiding high-speed crashes that jeopardize success.
  • Teamwork Among Leaders – Business gurus and corporate Don Quixotes have been railing at organizational barriers and trying to knock down silos for decades. While there are some signs of success, the walls usually prove resilient. Pivotal’s Teamwork Among Leaders workshop focuses on breaking through from the inside-out: enabling and encouraging leaders to establish collaboration as a key to their personal, and their organization’s success. The session addressed the unique nature – challenges and opportunities – of cross-business teamwork and the win-win results that can be achieved.
  • Customer Focus, Business First – Maintaining close ties with customers is a key to business success. Yet becoming too focused on today’s customers can lead to a surprising “extinction event” where their needs evolve or competitors entice them away. This module outlines the complex dynamics that are essential to balancing your attention to customer needs – itself an enormously difficult task – with the discipline of self-interest and preservation that are essential to long-term success.

The 21st Century Leadership Development curriculum can be packaged as a series and is especially powerful for intact leadership teams where concepts can be shared and linked to the organization’s specific needs. The programs offer insights for seasoned or developing leaders, and so are appropriate for any level of leadership in your organization.

Other Pivotal’s Change Leadership™ services, such as our 21st Century Leader Assessment and/or Leadership Vision Development, can add value and impact to learning and results.

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