The Six Sigma Way, Second Edition

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Best-Selling Author Launches Second Edition of The Six Sigma Way

How to Maximize the Impact of Your Change and Improvement Efforts

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. – January 31, 2014 – Pete Pande, President of Pivotal Resources, author and co-author of several popular books on business management, announced release of the Second Edition, The Six Sigma Way, published by McGraw-Hill.

The new edition retains everything from the original classic — what Six Sigma is, how it works, and how to adapt it to your particular needs — while providing valuable new sections on lessons learned and setting the record straight regarding myths and misunderstandings perpetuated over the years.

Upon its publication in 2000, The Six Sigma Way was among the very first books to clearly explain the benefits of Six Sigma's improvement-driven and customer-centric approach to business leaders and managers. It revealed how General Electric, and other companies used Six Sigma to fine-tune products and processes, improve performance, reduce costs, build customer loyalty, and increase profits — while providing realistic advice to avoid Six Sigma "hype". Corporate leaders around the world heeded the call and began implementing the tools of the world-changing performance improvement.

In short, the first-edition changed the landscape of business and organization improvement forever — worldwide. In fact, it has been translated into 16 languages.

Now, Pete Pande has revisited the subject to bring you fully up to date about how Lean Six Sigma has been used — for better and for worse — during the past 14 years.

This all-in-one guide provides:

  • Practical Six Sigma implementation guidelines anyone can understand
  • New insights from managers who successfully applied the advice from the first edition
  • Detailed case studies from such companies as Adobe, Macy's and Starwood
  • Hands-on "maps" that guide you through key decisions you must make

Pete Pande comments: "So much has happened since the first publication of The Six Sigma Way, and it has been rewarding to find that much of what was in the book then still holds true. At the same time, the opportunity to reflect on how organizations have used, or misused, Six Sigma had offered a lot of new insights. We're pleased that this updated book will offer some real benefit to individuals and organizations still focused on driving continuous improvement today."


About Pete Pande
Pete is a seasoned consultant in process improvement, organization change and Lean Six Sigma initiatives. As president of Pivotal Resources, he has provided senior executive training and deployment consulting services in business improvement and Lean Six Sigma efforts for such companies as GE, Cisco Systems, Starwood Hotels, American Express, adidas, Adobe, Givaudan and more. Pete is also the author and co-author of several popular books including The Six Sigma Leader, The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook, What is Six Sigma? and The Six Sigma Way - which Forbes named one of the top 20 most influential business books of the past 20 years.


About Pivotal Resources
Pivotal Resources is a global change leadership consulting firm helping organizations lead the changes that drive better performance and business improvements. Its Change Leadership™ consulting is a pioneered approach that places organizational change in the service of creating sustainable competitive advantage. Pivotal Resources was established in 1993 with the vision of linking diverse organizational improvement methods and programs into a coherent approach to building business leadership.

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