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Pivotal Resources’ President Pete Pande presented at the Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare Conference held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on May 29-30.

Pete discussed how effective teams and front-line engagement are only part of what’s needed to build a high-performing improvement capability.  Leaders at all levels have a huge influence, both on short-term results as well as the growth of a patient-focused improvement culture.

Drawing from experience with organizations not only from health care but also high tech consulting, Pete provided practical insights into how leaders can help, or hinder achievement, and offer “News You Can Use” tools and techniques that leaders can apply to their own improvement efforts.

Topics included:

  • Improvement leadership paradoxes – How and why “contradictory” objectives are essential
  • Common habits to break, and build
  • Managing and optimizing your “Improvement Portfolio”
  • Short-term actions to focus energies and accelerate results
  • Assessing and prioritizing change management actions

Here’s a PDF of Pete Pande’s presentation.

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