Pivotal Resources’ Client, Alberta Health Services, shares Quality Improvement (QI) best practices

Healthcare is on the minds of Americans and Canadians alike.  So when a leading health organization authority shares best practices – people listen.

Executives and Managers of Alberta Health Services (AHS) – the provider of specialty, acute, and continuing health care for the 3.7 million residents of the province of Alberta – presented successful strategies, initiatives, and deployments at the Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare Conference held in Calgary, Alberta on May 29-30.

There were many well received presentations including one from Betty-Lynn Morrice, Associate Chief Health Professions Officer and Vice President Health Professions Strategy and Practice, Alberta Health Services.   The presentation on Clinical Workforce Strategies for Healthcare Improvement, touched on the thought that, “without comprehensive approaches to the human side of QI, no change strategy will ultimately be successful in the long term.  Workforce optimization is a key component of continuous improvement.”

Key optimizations presented:

  • From command and control to coach and teach
  • Eliminating non-value add behaviors
  • Harness the collective intelligence of all staff members
  • Reduce sick time and absenteeism
  • Creating a positive and respectful work environment
  • Motivation strategies for peak performing departments
  • Buy-in, commitment and renewal
  • Impact of leadership style
  • Reinforcement and rewards
  • Certification of skills and ongoing training
  • Collective intelligence and group reinforcement
  • Defining scope of practice
  • Facilitating optimal team work

This was just one of many insightful presentations.  If you are an Executive, Sr. Administrator, Medical Director or related, and looking to deliver lasting improvements in the quality of healthcare services,  a similar event will take place in Toronto on September 27- 28, 2012.  Here’s the Agenda.

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