Q&A: Building a Culture of Improvement

Pivotal Resources Q&A

What’s the best place to start if we’re trying to build a culture of improvement?

No doubt many of your people have seen various efforts start through the years.  A bigger problem is that few of them last.   That’s why Pivotal Resources counsels clients to seek ways to energize and renew improvement, while avoiding another “next big thing.”   Some tips to this approach:

  1. Look at current or past successes and build on them.
  2. Acknowledge shortcomings and lessons learned.
  3. Connect improvement tightly to your mission (ex. healthcare – make it about patients, families and care vs “quality”).
  4. Provide direction/priorities while allowing local control (top-down and bottom up)

These ideas and others can be applied at any level—you don’t need to be a CEO to accelerate important improvements.

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