Change is the Essence of Leadership – Focus on Building Your Capability on Productive Change Efforts

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Change is the essence of leadership. The verb lead itself describes movement—guiding others on a path or journey to a desired new destination. Many of the most important ideas and skills supporting the essence of Change Leadership will focus on building your capability to define and lead productive change efforts, to stay ahead of the curve, to set a vision and achieve it. Change Leadership is really about helping leaders and their organizations make change a core competency.

At the same time, to be effective at change, a leader must also value constancy and stability. One of the best ways to undermine change efforts, or squander their benefits, is to try to change too much. Therefore, one of the first and most important responsibilities of a Change Leader is defining a vision for change (the objective or destination) at the same time as establishing boundaries and limits (like the border of the path). Without that focus—without a balance between change and constancy—your efforts become confused and the power of change is dissipated.

With so many things needing to change, and so much pressure from the outside, it becomes increasingly difficult for leaders to balance change and stability. This adds to the problem of leaders becoming disconnected from the day-to-day operations that are the foundation of any successful enterprise. So both suffer from a lack of focus.

 – Excerpt from Pivotal Thought Leadership, Change and ConstancyFor more on the foundation concepts of Change Leadership, please review Change Leadership: A New Standard for 21st Century Leaders

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