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Champion/Executive Sponsor Workshops

CIBullet Overview of Champion/Executive Sponsor Workshops

Duration: 1-2 Days

Participants: Executives and/or Managers Serving as Six Sigma/Lean Project Champions

Expecting teams to solve critical business problems “on their own” is a recipe for disappointment. Experience and research have shown that the support of a Champion or Sponsor is often what separates successful from failed improvement efforts.

Pivotal’s Champions training prepares these key individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively support Lean, Six Sigma or other change initiatives. The workshop explores how Champions can help ensure a project gets off to a good start and then how they can assess and assist a team as they move toward implementing solutions. Role-plays, checklists, common pitfalls and extensive discussion of the Champion’s responsibilities make this course a practical, effective step in preparing leaders to sponsor change.

The two-day version of the Champions Training features a process Simulation activity that gives participants a first-hand look at how DMAIC and other process improvement methods compare to peoples’ normal habits – and why the Champions’ role is so important.


CIBullet  Objectives of Champion/Executive Sponsor Workshops

  • Provide a common understanding of what Six Sigma is and its value to the business
  • Clarify role and key responsibilities of Champions
  • Develop working knowledge of the DMAIC process and associated tools
  • Provide criteria for selecting DMAIC projects
  • Understand how to create and refine project charters
  • Prepare Champions to set tollgate criteria and perform project reviews

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