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Change Leadership Coaching

LPBullet-01 Overview of Change Leadership Coaching

Achievement is a function of both talent and constant practice. It’s been proven in music, art, sports, science – and even leadership – that those who stay at the top of their field are constantly working to hone their skills. When it comes to guiding an organization, however, there is no “practice field” – the only way to improve is through constant on-the-job evaluation, testing, and development. Training can help, of course, but transferring insights and skills to the job takes effort, and often falls short.

Pivotal Resources’ Change Leadership Coaching gives your key executives the support and knowledge needed to practice their craft, and to learn how to continually assess and refine their effectiveness. Our unique approach to coaching combines addressing personal areas of need with emphasis on the specific challenges of leading in a time of constantly accelerating change.


LPBullet-01 Rationale & Benefits of Change Leadership Coaching

One of the paradoxes of organizational leadership is that, as an individual progresses in his or her career, the positives of experience are often accompanied by patterns or bad habits that limit effectiveness. As the need for flexibility increases, the ability of the leader to adapt actually diminishes. Pivotal’s Change Leadership Coaching is an individually-focused learning process that helps a leader target opportunities for growth and build a more well-rounded and capable approach to meeting career and business goals. Through direct support from an experienced leadership advisor, each executive is guided through a process of discovery, visioning, planning and action to develop and apply critical principles of flexible leadership.

Pivotal’s Change Leadership Coaching emphasizes not just the “soft” side – communication or interpersonal skills, for example – but also practical capabilities that can have immediate impact on business results. These may include:

  • Balancing great ideas with the ability to execute
  • Owning and optimizing a well-allocated “change investment portfolio”
  • Staying focused on the big picture while minding the details
  • Using facts, data and measures alongside guesswork and intuition
  • Taking decisive action with appropriate risk management
  • Setting an example of consistency, valuing inconsistency
  • Acting independently in an interdependent environment

Progress in building greater versatility and effectiveness is measured using actual organizational objectives and measures, as well as Pivotal’s 21st Century Leader Assessment.

Beyond the immediate impact of greater confidence, adaptability and results, the Change Leadership Coaching process helps a leader become more effective at self-assessment – even after the coaching period is over. This lasting benefit promotes the kind ongoing practice and skill refinement that differentiates talented leaders from the great ones.

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