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Change Management Workshops

CIBullet Overview of Change Management Workshops

Pivotal Resources’ Change Management Workshops provide practical skills to build support and drive adoption of any scale change scenario, from upgraded work procedures to major organization changes such as mergers, reorganizations, new strategies, etc. Our approach is built around our straightforward and proven five-phase Change Roadmap that parallels the concept-to-execution path of any critical initiative:

Plan – Define the change, assess readiness and identify key players and stakeholders

Refine – Develop the vision, business case, influence strategy and action plan

Implement – Align systems and processes, communicate the change, pilot/mobilize

Sustain – Establish measures, develop performance management/support, monitor results and adoption

Expand – Identify lessons learned, transfer results, build organizational capability

Our two workshops, for practitioner and internal coaches (see below) focus on simple but essential objectives of Change Leadership™:

  • Clarify the role and relevance of effective change management in driving successful business initiatives
  • Outline a roadmap/checklist for change management activities throughout the lifecycle of a change effort
  • Expose and practice critical tools to support change management, including Vision Statements, Stakeholder Analysis, Threat/Opportunity analysis, Communication Plans and Force Field Analysis
  • Connect change process and methods to real change efforts, applying tools where feasible and developing an Action Plan for current initiatives

CIBullet Change Management Training

Duration: 2 Days
Participants: Managers, Individual contributors, Project Leaders (e.g. Black Belts), Champions

This session offers the depth and hands-on support needed for leaders or teams currently involved in an important change effort, or who need change management skills as part of their routine management or operational responsibilities. The session is more effective for intact groups able to apply the Change Roadmap and tools to their own projects.


CIBullet Change Enabler Workshop

Duration: 4 Days
Participants: Internal Consultants and Facilitators, Senior Project Leaders, Project Coaches

The Change Enabler workshop is a special in-depth learning and practice experience for individuals who will be advising or coaching others on major change initiatives, or who regularly lead projects with a significant change management risk/challenge. The session focused on both learning and facilitating others in development of a dynamic change management plan.


In addition, we often adapt or tailor Change Management training to specific initiatives and/or integrate it into Lean Six Sigma/Continuous Improvement (Green Belt and Black Belt) training.

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