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Change ROI Assessment

 Overview of Change ROI Assessment

Business change initiatives take many forms: reorganizations, new information systems, training efforts, process improvement programs – even new products and new ventures. A company with the ability to successfully launch, lead and execute these diverse investments can capture a huge advantage over less-capable competitors. “Change competency” is a meaningful leading indicator of your future performance. Unfortunately, few businesses have any clear idea of how well their overall investment in change is paying off. Pivotal’s Change ROI Assessment helps you understand the real impact of your various efforts to drive improvement and growth. By looking at the effectiveness and efficiency of your past and current change programs, we provide an objective and thorough evaluation of your business’s ability to launch and close successful initiatives and meet the strategic goals and challenges that face your organization and its leaders.

 Rationale & Benefits of Change ROI Assessment

Many executive teams seek help from outside consulting firms to define strategy, assess operational capability, or identify areas for improvement. However, those analyses usually fail to answer an important question: How well can the business actually tackle those challenges or opportunities? By helping you understand your organization’s “capability for change” – i.e. your ability to convert goals and resources into results – the Change ROI Assessment provides insights into how confidently you can predict success, and what you can do to begin raising your likely returns. The Change ROI Assessment is appropriate for any leader or company seeking to boost flexibility, promote innovation, allocate resources more wisely, and build greater capability to achieve meaningful results from all types of change efforts. Specific benefits include:

  • An objective “baseline” of your ability to target change efforts and achieve a meaningful return
  • Insights into the areas where resources are being well-invested, or possibly wasted on ill-advised or poorly-managed efforts
  • Consensus-building data to focus leaders on ways to improve change management and execution
  • A path to improved Change ROI, for immediate efforts and for the long-term benefit of the organization


Each Change ROI Assessment is tailored to the client’s objectives and scaled to the areas of greatest interest or concern. The types of returns examined include hard financial impacts (savings, new revenue) as well as meaningful returns such as employee and/or customer satisfaction, cost avoidance, speed and efficiency. As a component of Pivotal’s Change Leadership™ system, the Change ROI Assessment can be combined with a variety of other complementary services, such as the Leadership Culture Assessment or our Project Selection & Portfolio Management consulting services, to build a complete leadership performance portfolio.

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