Strategic Planning: Oregon DMV

Oregon DMV Profile:

The Oregon Division of Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) provides a wide range services to individuals, businesses, and government agencies in Oregon and across the United States. DMV’s scope includes products and services related to personal identification and driving privileges as well as the buying, selling, owning, and operating of vehicles.


Facing a dramatic transformation—and huge investment—to replace decades-old technology and enhance processes, DMV leaders recognized the need to ensure the organization is focused on important needs and trends that will impact customers in coming years. Pivotal was engaged to guide and facilitate the creation of a new DMV Strategic Plan.

Balancing ambition and discipline

The 2016-2019 Strategy Plan was developed with extensive contributions from a cross-section of staff and management, as well as input from people familiar with the Oregon DMV and its services.  Primarily focused on the needs and expectations of customers, stakeholders, and partners who depend upon the DMV, they took a “big picture” look at what they do today, how customer requests and the external environment are evolving, and what they strive to do in the future. Through the planning process, DMV identified five core Strategic Priorities, along with a focused set of initiatives to help achieve the priority goals.

Adaptability and agility

As the DMV strives to become more nimble, innovative and responsive to new needs and opportunities, the Strategic Plan will serve as a living document to inspire further discussions and adjustments in the future. DMV leaders will revisit the Plan regularly, measure progress towards goals, share accomplishments, and make course corrections as needed.


Pivotal Services and Solutions:

  • Worked closely with DMV senior management to ensure they were involved in and “owned” the Strategic Plan effort.
  • Conducted an initial organizational assessment to understand agency culture, challenges and readiness for a new strategic perspective.
  • Recommended and guided a participative process to ensure broad input to the plan, focused on key service areas.
  • Helped the DMV management team define strategic goals and select priority initiatives.
  • Drafted and refined the actual Plan document, engaging DMV management team and a broad group of internal/external stakeholders to refine it into the final draft.
  • Prepared communication materials and tools for DMV leaders to share, explain and get further feedback on the Plan.
  • Outlined a process to track priority initiative to ensure the Plan leads to meaningful action and progress.


Oregon DMV Strategic Plan 2016-2019:

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