Client Story: Givaudan

Givaudan Profile:

GivaudanLogoSwiss-based Givaudan is the world’s largest fragrance and flavors multinational business with a legacy dating back to the early 1800s.  The company develops and manufactures unique products that are used in everything from fine perfume and laundry detergent to packaged foods and specialty restaurants.



Two years into a “Lean Six Sigma” initiative, executives of Givaudan’s Fragrance Operations group realized something was missing.  Despite promising successes, the pace and scope of change was not enough to enable the organization to meet ambitious performance goals or adapt to a challenging global competitive environment.  More than just training and projects, they sought a partner who could help transform culture, provide direct support to teams around the world, and guide executives to improve their own leadership processes and practices.  A global search led them to select Pivotal as their partner, commencing in early 2013.


Pivotal Services and Solutions:

  • Facilitation of executive team meetings, followed by development of a plan to drive a new vision, build a strong culture and practice of continuous improvement and behaviour change.
  • Helped define and simplify a common improvement roadmap, added significant LEAN principles and practices to the improvement toolkit, developed a new management cycle to link improvement work to the annual business budgeting and planning cycle, and applying improvement methods to administrative and production processes at each site around the world.
  • Rapid Improvement and “Stable Ops Every Day” training and project facilitation are broadening the engagement of front-line and supervisory staff, while a network of global teams led by middle managers is tying local improvement efforts to shared business priorities and leveraged solutions.
  • Local, native language management and project consulting for sites in Switzerland, France, Spain, UK, US, Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Singapore and Indonesia.  Development of new Black and Green Belts more capable of delivering sustainable results in all areas of Operations (production, customer support, engineering and maintenance, finance, etc.).



Able to meet aggressive cost and performance goals for 2013, with priorities defined and project teams in place to achieve even tougher targets through 2015 and beyond.

At a broader level, significant progress has been made to drive the vision for a new and more dynamic culture.  Senior executive teamwork—often a key missing ingredient in improvement initiatives—is driving the change process.

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