Client Story: Oregon Dept. of Admin. Services

Oregon Department of Administrative Services Profile:

The Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is the central administrative agency of Oregon state government. DAS works to effectively implement the policy and financial decisions made by the Governor and the Oregon Legislature. The department also sets and monitors high standards of accountability to ensure that state government uses tax dollars productively.



Pivotal was selected to support a transformation initiative. The effort was designed to provide a comprehensive review of DAS’ structure, services and functions, and to apply quality improvement methodologies to create a more efficient and effective delivery system.
In order to successfully deliver against the objectives, DAS needed to first establish a performance baseline. The initial scope of work included four primary deliverables:

  • Identify the key processes and functions within each of DAS’ eight divisions.
  • Create baseline process performance measures, such as cost/unit, cycle time and quality for these processes and functions.
  • Create customer/stakeholder maps for each division that outlines each process or function in relationship to it’s customers and stakeholders.
  • Create authority maps for each division to identify the underlying authority that drives processes and functions, such as legislative mandates, statutes, administrative rule, policy and practice.

Pivotal Services and Solutions:

As Pivotal worked to deliver against these requirements, it became apparent that our expertise in helping organizations drive change could offer additional value to the State of Oregon. Since receiving the initial award to use Lean methods to baseline performance, Pivotal also received several contract extensions to provide additional support, including:

  • Project Management coaching
  • Lean training
  • Customer and employee satisfaction survey design


With several work streams now active, Pivotal is delivering significant value to the State of Oregon. We have worked with over 70% of DAS’ departments to create “as-is” process maps and capture baseline performance data. We have educated senior leaders across the agency on the value of Lean process improvement.

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