Client Story: Starwood Hotels

Starwood Hotels Profile:300px-Starwood_Hotels_and_Resorts_logo.svg

A leading worldwide Hotel, Resort & Timeshare company with respected brands including Westin, Sheraton, W, St. Regis and Le Meridien. Starwood today operates over 900 hotel properties covering all continents.



Initially begun as a real-estate investment company, in 2000 Starwood needed to become a top-notch operator of hotels with diverse brands and histories. The goal: Build consistent, customer-driven culture across the company, create a consistent guest experience while meeting individual needs and preferences. Increase competitiveness and drive growth in spite of challenging travel environment.


Pivotal Services and Solutions:

  • Conduct extensive research & planning to develop business case for a “Six Sigma” initiative and plan complex, aggressive global deployment
  • Advise and train corporate executives and hotel leaders worldwide, supporting project selection and integration of improvement practices into ongoing operations
  • Develop and provide license to multi-level training and support materials
  • Coach and training “Belts” of all types, beginning with a high-volume global roll-out with continuing efforts through today



Starwood credits this effort with not only significant ROI through both savings and increased revenue—the company enjoys a higher net margin than its key competitors—but also with helping spark and act on innovative ideas. The impact is based on a global culture: most ideas and solutions come from hotel staff throughout the world.

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