Client Story: U.S. Naval Forces Marianas

U.S. Naval Forces Marianas Profile:

U.S. Naval Forces Marianas oversees the U.S. Navy’s largest and most strategic island base located in the Western Pacific.  U.S. Naval Forces Marianas serves as the Defense Representative to Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet,coordinating all shore-based naval personnel and shore activities in Guam.


As part of “Big Navy’s” global Lean Six Sigma effort, the various Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC) regions began pursing their own improvement efforts initiative in 2006.  U.S. Naval Forces Marianas chose Pivotal Resources as their strategic advisor and Lean Six Sigma training partner.

Pivotal Services and Solutions:

Pivotal Resources directly engaged the leadership team at Navy Base Guam in assessing, planning and implementing their LSS effort.  After evaluating the Region’s current performance and identifying several processes that were potential targets for improvement, the initiative was launched by training more than 40 leadership personnel in Lean Six Sigma & Opportunity Prioritization Principles.

Pivotal consulted, advised, and coached deployment leaders on how to structure the overall effort, how to select projects, how to get buy-in from the various leaders and team members, and how to oversee the project teams to ensure optimum results and financial return.

Pivotal also helped establish an executive steering committee to handle program oversight and a master project prioritization plan and monitoring structure. The latter helped to monitor:

  • The number of projects
  • Projects by number of trained GB
  • Dollars targeted by project
  • Dollars saved by project
  • Projects by phase of completion
  • Project by functional area


The base’s mission is to support “Fleet, Fighter and Family.”  As such, Pivotal placed heavy emphasis on choosing projects that not only have significant financial benefit, but also will have an impact on the men, women and families of the armed forces.

Since initial training, U.S. Naval Forces Marianas has saved nearly $3,000,000 in accumulated cost savings from the initial 10 projects. One project alone (Temporary Lodging Allowance Reduction) resulted in over $700K savings to the Navy in the year the project was completed (2007). Just as importantly, by emphasizing practical aspects of improvement and change management, the Guam installation was able to achieve greater buy-in and sustained support for the LSS effort than many other, more “statistics-driven” Naval sites.

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