Strategic Planning: Governor’s Vision Panel Report


Oregon’s transportation system is essential for the growth of Oregon’s economy, and must also be a system that is safe, sustainable, and serves the needs of local communities.


Create a 30-year vision and near-term recommendations for the future of transportation in the State of Oregon.


The purpose of this report is to give policymakers at all levels an overarching view of the transportation needs in Oregon, as articulated by the Transportation Vision Panel, a group of civic and business leaders, stakeholders, and community members from across the state. It focuses on needs in all regions and across all modes. This report is not an operational plan or a specific funding package, nor is it prescriptive. Instead, it outlines the challenges and opportunities facing Oregon’s transportation system, identifies key priorities for action, and provides a menu of short-term needs and long-term goals on transportation investments for consideration by policymakers at all levels.

Section overview

The first section of this document is a high-level overview of issues the panel foresees will impact transportation needs. The second section details the panel’s vision and key findings along with priorities from all regions of Oregon. Finally, the third section of this document details considerations made by the panel for financing our transportation system.


Pivotal Services and Solutions:

  • Pivotal Resources organized agendas and panel sub-committees
  • Facilitated meetings and discussions
  • Worked with Project Sponsor (Advisor to the Governor) and Project Manager
  • Provided direction for purpose and intended outcome
  • Provided guidance on content and approach for the report


Oregon Transportation 30 Year Vision Report:


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