Client Story: Roche Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics Profile:

Roche is a leading innovator in healthcare. They develop products offering real advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, and are dedicated to making their products available to patients and health professionals around the world.  During their 100-plus year existence, Roche has pioneered many medical breakthroughs and today their Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals Divisions contribute across a broad range of fronts to improve people’s health and quality of life.


Following some early successes, Roche Diagnostics recognized the need to engage the entire organization and take their Lean Six Sigma improvement efforts to the next level. An essential goal was to solidify the return on their initial investment and to strengthen key skills and practices throughout the business – making them part of the culture and creating a competitive advantage to drive Roche’s future growth and profitability.  Pivotal’s work with Roche launched in 2001.

Pivotal Services and Solutions:

  • Pivotal partnered with Roche to revitalize their existing training materials for Green and Black Belts, and to create a new program supporting “every day” efforts for problem solving and improvement.  The goal of the work was to tailor Lean Six Sigma to meet Roche Diagnostics’ unique needs, ensure delivery of results to the bottom line, and develop a continuous improvement culture.
  • Pivotal also developed in-house Lean Six Sigma expertise that allowed Roche to take over delivery of their own improvement training and support within 2 years.  This further evolved into a partnering effort in which Roche and Pivotal jointly provided LSS training and advisory support to health care providers who are key Roche customers.


Working in partnership with senior leaders and Roche’s internal quality staff, accomplishments include: 

  • Development of a tailored and robust Lean Six Sigma program that includes classroom and e-learning support.
  • $4.5 million in documented results from the various improvement projects they have implemented utilizing these methods.
  • Certified Sixty five (65) internal consultants and installation members to deliver training within and outside Roche.


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