Coach & Trainer Development

Because our coaches and consultants have deep experience, strong stand-up skills, and have dealt with many of the challenges of applying Lean and Six Sigma to real world challenges, most of our clients find that using Pivotal Resources’ talent is actually a better investment than the seemingly “cheaper” choice of using internal people. As a result, we are often engaged with clients for an extended period (several months to several years).

At the same time, building self-sufficiency of our clients is an important aspect of Pivotal Resources’ commitment to your success. If you determine that using your own personnel as coaches and/or trainers is the best option for your company, we’re ready to develop an effective internalization plan that optimizes your people’s skills.

Pivotal’s process for preparing your coach and/or trainer candidates begins with some important questions. For example:

  • What’s the intended role of the resources – Project coaching? Executive consulting? Training?
  • What’s the current skill set and experience of your people?

Based on this assessment, we work with you to tailor a development plan to achieve your internalization goals and appropriate to the existing capabilities of your candidates. Because practical experience is just as important as book knowledge, our development approach usually combines classroom training and apprenticeship alongside experienced Pivotal consultants.

Our focus is on preparing your people to be effective as quickly and simply as possible, while maintaining a high standard in helping your organization apply Six Sigma and Lean methods.

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