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Financial Impact Assessment Workshop

 Overview of Financial Impact Assessment Workshop

Duration: 4-6 Hours

Participants: Finance Managers, Initiative Deployment Leaders (e.g. Head of Process Excellence or Six Sigma Office), Selected Senior Executives

Consistent, realistic calculation of financial benefits is an important ingredient in building confidence in your improvement efforts — and in focusing on the most meaningful opportunities. Our Financial Impact workshop is a “meeting of the minds,” where we help your organization’s decision makers define clear and consistent rules for financial validation.

This working session ensures your financial calculation rules accommodate both “hard” as well as “soft” benefits (the soft often offer the biggest potential gains). We also help you tailor financial information on improvement efforts to the various “customer groups” in your organization.

At the conclusion of the workshop, you’ll have an action plan to finalize and implement your financial impact assessment process (we review important options and offer templates you can adapt to your needs).


 Rationale & Benefits of Financial Impact Assessment Workshop

  • Review requirements and options for evaluating monetary benefits of business improvement projects
  • Identify financial reporting guidelines in context of the organization’s existing/traditional financial assessment approach
  • Develop consensus among key stakeholders on objectives and priorities for financial impact validation
  • Define preliminary guidelines for Champions, process owners, project team leaders and Finance staff to implement
  • Identify actions and responsibilities to confirm and operationalize the company’s specific guidelines and reporting


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