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Fundamentals of Process Ownership

 Overview of Fundamentals of Process Ownership

Duration: 3/4-1 Day

Participants: Designated Process “Owners” and Teams, Senior Management

Understanding and executing end-to-end, customer-facing processes is key to making the critical transition from a ready-fire-aim culture to one where value-driven change is a core competency of your business.

In this facilitated learning and working session, process teams are guided through the first steps in creating critical Business Process Management (BPM) structures: process definition, Voice of the Customer systems, enhanced measurement systems.

A minimum 3/4 day is usually needed to allow sufficient instruction and application. Each process team should include three to six members and be able to provide a well-informed cross-functional perspective on the process. Follow-up coaching and working sessions are often helpful to ensure effective execution of the process management infrastructure.


 Rationale & Benefits of Fundamentals of Process Ownership

  • Solidify understanding of Process Management as a system for aligned leadership and customer-focused improvement
  • Review roles and responsibilities of process “ownership” and governance
  • Establish/refine high-level business process architecture
  • Develop Level 1 and 2 process diagrams, emphasizing clear Customer and Output definition
  • Inventory current understanding of Customer requirements and identify gaps
  • Build draft list of Input, Process and Output measures (leading and lagging indicators)
  • Form plans for further development of Business Process Management infrastructures


The Fundamentals of Process Ownership working session provides an effective jump-start and knowledge base for those guiding or participating in a BPM transformation. Further effort is necessary to achieve that transformation; please see our Business Process Management (BPM) Transformation and Process Metrics Development consulting services for information on how Pivotal can help in your BPM evolution.

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