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Kaizen Events & Workout Sessions

CIBullet Overview of Kaizen Events & Workout Sessions

Duration: 2-5 Days

Participants: Anyone involved in “day-to-day” Process Improvement or Problem Solving.

A Kaizen event is essentially a structured, usually multi-day working session focused on developing workable solutions to targeted business problems/opportunities. It relies extensively on the knowledge and experience, as well as the creativity and practical capability, of the participants in the event. Kaizen events also demands active involvement from sponsoring business leaders who must be willing to provide quick answers to the Kaizen group’s recommendations. While solutions developed in a Kaizen event can be rejected by leaders, the assumption in setting up an event is that recommendations will be supported unless there is strong evidence that the proposals are not in the best interest of the business. For that reason, the problems to be addressed using Kaizen methods should be chosen carefully. To ensure your organization has a sustainable and repeatable model for conducting Kaizen events, each event should begin with the same basic structure. This applies both to events facilitated by Pivotal Resources and those future events that will be facilitated by internal facilitators. During the pre-event planning meetings, the facilitator and team members will be able to tailor the model as necessary to adjust for the specific project.


CIBullet  Objectives of Kaizen Events & Workout Sessions

Generally there are three distinct objectives for a Kaizen event:

  • Develop a solution for the specific performance gap or problem.
  • Identify metrics that will be used to quantify and track results from the solution.
  • Prepare qualified client personnel to facilitate future Kaizen events.

Kaizen Process

The “roadmap” for a successful Kaizen event relies as much on what happens before and afterwards as it does on the event itself.  Pivotal consultants work with your improvement team and business leaders to optimize the potential benefits and position Kaizen within your current improvement methods.  While speed is a goal, preparation and discipline are also key ingredients.

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