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Leadership Culture Assessment

LPBullet-01 Overview of Leadership Culture Assessment

The Leadership Culture Assessment identifies the critical – often hidden – factors that determine the effectiveness of your organization’s leaders. Through an intensive process of interviews and focus group discussions with a cross-section of the business, we uncover the accepted practices and expected behaviors that enable, or inhibit, leaders in achieving their goals… and more importantly, the organization’s goals.


LPBullet-01 Rationale & Benefits of Leadership Culture Assessment

The ability to define and execute strategy, adapt to changing conditions, develop talent and operate efficiently is largely determined by the leadership values and practices of your organization. Efforts to improve individual leaders’ abilities are often squandered when new skills fail to mesh with the “norms” of leadership behavior. To create a truly outstanding leadership team, and to encourage strong leadership practices throughout your company, you first need to understand how closely the existing leadership culture aligns with your vision.

The Leadership Culture Assessment provides insights into:

  • The effectiveness of leadership teamwork up, down and across the organization
  • Common practices and content of critical communication
  • Openness/resistance to new ideas and willingness to challenge assumptions
  • Balance between fact- and intuition-based decisions
  • Attitudes and approaches to developing talent and building employee commitment
  • Ability to seek short- and long-term goals, to push speed and demand quality

Where our 21st Century Leader Assessment identifies areas for improvement for individual leaders, the Leadership Culture Assessment examines the collective capability of your leaders to succeed in today’s dynamic environment. With that understanding, your company’s leaders can more effectively take action to build on strengths in your culture, and address weaknesses that impact the organization as a whole. It can be a valuable tool to jump start any major culture or organizational change, from implementing a new strategy to integrating an acquisition to weathering a business downturn.

Pivotal’s consultants can support you in raising the standard of your leaders through our other Change Leadership™ consulting and training services, including the Leadership Vision Development process and the Leadership Performance Retreat.

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