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Leadership Performance Retreat

LPBullet-01 Overview of Leadership Performance Retreat & Simulation

Pivotal Resources’ Leadership Performance Retreat is an intensive two-day experience that immerses leaders in a concentrated environment where they explore the factors – and build the skills – essential to 21st century success.

As part of the senior team of a start-up company (an engaging and innovative computer-based simulation), retreat participants test their abilities and confront the challenges that make effective leadership so demanding, yet so rewarding. They examine personal and organizational strengths and discover priorities for improvement that drive both individual and business success. Guidelines and “news you can use” make the retreat a value-adding learning and growth experience for leaders at nearly any stage of development.


LPBullet-01 Rationale of Leadership Performance Retreat & Simulation

As demands on organizations continue to grow – to execute, innovate, boost profits, accelerate growth, and satisfy customers – the need for outstanding, not just “adequate” leadership increases. Leaders cannot be satisfied only in trying to improve their business, they must be constantly improving and adapting themselves. (In fact, long-term business change is impossible without stronger, smarter leadership.)

The Leadership Performance Retreat defines a new standard of leadership excellence that emphasizes flexibility, adaptability and discipline. It poignantly clarifies that only leaders who can achieve multiple, seemingly contradictory objectives, will have the “right stuff” to prevail in the 21st century.


Key principles examined and practiced during the retreat include:

Mastering the paradoxical dimensions of outstanding leaders.
How to define and balance critical factors in guiding the organization. For example:

  • Change and constancy
  • Speed & deliberateness
  • Independence & teamwork

Applying change as an investment and driver of results.
Why efforts to improve processes, products and systems so often fail, and how to boost the organization’s “change ROI.”

Recognizing and avoiding the dangers of success.
How to effectively test assumptions and apply true leadership to fight complacency, encourage new ideas and stay tuned to customers and markets.

Accepting responsibility and sharing control.
How to build a clearer view of the business “system” and apply that knowledge to tackle the most challenging issues directly and effectively.

Creating a new standard and constantly enhancing your leadership ability.
Why leaders fall victim to “unconscious incompetence” and how to build the habits of flexibility and discipline – with the principle of constant renewal and personal growth.


Leaders develop a personal action plan to boost leadership effectiveness and apply newly-reinforced skills to impact the organization’s bottom line. A pre-retreat assessment, the 21st Century Leader Assessment evaluation, is usually applied as an integral element of the learning and growth process.

The Leadership Performance Retreat is part of Pivotal’s Change Leadership™ system, a blend of consulting and training services that enable critical change and yield measurable improvements in process and financial performance.

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