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Leadership Talent Development

LPBullet-01 Overview of Talent Development

Achieving a higher standard of leader effectiveness for your organization requires a versatile and innovative system for managing your current and developing talent. Pivotal’s change and organization development consultants can work with your top executives and Human Resources professionals to assess and upgrade your processes for building leaders, aligning them to the needs of the 21st Century organization.


LPBullet-01 Rationale & Benefits of Talent Development

The characteristics of strong leadership are no longer described by a fixed set of “competencies.” Too many businesses feel the pain of leaders who are effective in one set of circumstances – for example, when racing to overtake a dominant competitor – yet falter in another – as when trying to hold a leading position and retain market share.

Talent development must now focus on building adaptable leaders who can apply different skills to unique situations. Pivotal’s support for your talent management stresses aligning performance management systems and measures, with developmental methods to build outstanding leaders whose continuous learning and flexibility is their biggest strength. Our consultants work with you to:

  • Define the balanced and flexible skills that are most critical to your business and that fit your leadership vision and culture
  • Refine performance management systems to support the practices that build lasting success (for example, avoiding “fire fighting” but encouraging prompt action to address challenges)
  • Link performance assessment and career development to meaningful business/process measures, so evaluations provide a more accurate and thorough view of a leaders’ effectiveness and potential
  • Test and refine your talent development so it can be improved over time and well as flex to the changing needs of your business

These goals are key for any organization concerned about building a corps of leaders who can create sustainable success and can respond effectively to the myriad of challenges that confront most businesses today.

Pivotal’s consultants begin by reviewing the current state of your talent management systems and prioritizing your challenges. We work closely with our clients to make sure you own the outcomes and can sustain the systems we help you build or improve.

Pivotal’s Talent Development can be leveraged through such related services as our Leadership Vision Development consulting and the 21st Century Leader Assessment that evaluates individual leader capabilities and flexibility.

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