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Leadership Vision Development

LPBullet-01 Overview of Leadership Vision Development

What does “outstanding leadership” really mean?

Determining leader competencies, while important, fails to capture the essence of what’s important to your business. Declaring that leaders should “get results” is fine, but provides no guidance into how to determine what results are critical, or how to get them.

The truth is, your leaders must own the definition and aspirations of outstanding leadership for your organization. Pivotal’s Leadership Vision Development is a targeted consulting engagement – involving research, interviews and focused working sessions – in which we help your senior executives establish (or refine) the principles and desired practices of leadership that best reflect your goals, values and mission of the organization.


LPBullet-01 Rationale & Benefits of Leadership Vision Development

A consistent vision of how leaders should behave is a significant advantage when seeking to build a more cohesive and adaptable organization. While each individual has his or her own style, strengths and weaknesses, personal efforts to improve are most effective when guided by a clear description of outstanding leadership. A meaningful leadership vision helps leaders (at all levels) – as well as followers – better respond to the following critical questions:

  • How do I align my own efforts to improve with the leadership principles of the organization?
  • What criteria should we use to assess the effectiveness of our leaders, not just to “make the numbers,” but also “build an enduring great company”?
  • What messages can help awaken the passion and commitment that separate “managers” from real leaders?
  • Where can I find common ground with other leaders to set shared goals, clarify roles and achieve sustainable results?

Because it addresses the spirit of your company’s “ideal state” leadership, the Leadership Vision Development process can provide focus and energy to cultural transformations, mergers and acquisitions, and even operational, financial and/or market strategy development.

As a part of Pivotal’s Leadership Performance consulting and training services, Vision Development complements such activities as our Leadership Culture Assessment and 21st Century Leadership Modules.

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