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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

CIBullet Overview of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Duration: 8-10 Days (two sessions, separated by a 3-6 week interval)

Participants: Project Leaders (Black Belts), Project Team Members (Green Belts)

Our Green Belt Training is an in-depth learning experience that covers the what, why and how of Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement. Participants learn a wide array of business skills and tools that drive results-oriented change, and apply them to real-life improvement projects. In addition to a solid foundation in the DMAIC process, the workshop demonstrates how to apply Lean and Six Sigma concepts to issues that arise every day. The Green Belt Training is typically executed in eight to ten days. The Workshop schedule can be adjusted to meet the needs of the participants and the needs of the projects. In some cases, splitting the Green Belt Training into two 5-day sessions is most appropriate. In other situations, facilitating several shorter sessions makes more sense. Pivotal will work with you to determine what schedule works best for achieving your objectives. The Green Belt Training has the added benefit of being an ideal format for a team-based training. This allows a Team Leader (future “Black Belt”) to learn and work alongside his or her DMAIC project team – usually 2 to 4 colleagues assigned to the same project. The team members (usually called “Green Belts”) take important management skills back to their regular roles and help spread Lean Six Sigma practices throughout the organization.


CIBullet Objectives of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

  • Provide project leaders and teams with a thorough understanding of the logic and principles behind Six Sigma, Lean and the DMAIC model
  • Enable participants to identify, select and use appropriate methods and tools to successfully complete their assigned projects
  • Build skills in such critical areas as effective problem definition, determining customer requirements, developing and executing measurement plans, value and flow analysis, challenging existing assumptions, pinpointing root causes, and implementing innovative solutions
  • Prepare Black Belts to lead the team and communicate effectively with project Champions and others in the organization
  • Ensure project solutions are aligned with business priorities, provide meaningful value, and tie to perspectives of external customers

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