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Lean Six Sigma Training

Pivotal Resources’ training – our approach, materials and people – are consistently rated as the best on the market, worldwide. The power of our training starts with a commitment to make concepts and tools meaningful and usable. Through common language, straightforward examples, fun and engaging exercises, interesting graphics and real-life application, we demystify Six Sigma and process change. Our workshops streamline learning so participants have plenty of time to practice what they’ve learned. Thanks to our work with dozens of companies and thousands of individuals, we have built a diverse and solid library of training components to support each phase of Six Sigma and Lean implementation. Curriculum and content can be readily adapted to your specific needs. Here are major elements of Pivotal’s Lean Six Sigma training system, organized by implementation phase. Click on the title of each offering for more details, including objectives and outlines. (See our Products sections for complementary components):


Lean Six Sigma Orientation

  • Core Concepts of Lean Six Sigma with Simulation
    A hands-on “working session” for groups focused on critical core or enabling business processes. Provides an orientation to Process Management principles and guides teams though initial definition of the process, customer requirements and key measures.

Lean Six Sigma Preparation

  • Project Selection & Refinement Session
    For business leaders, Champions and Process Owners, this working session teaches crucial steps in managing the “portfolio” of change projects. The outcome is a set of high-priority projects for the business, plus a process to continually review and adjust improvement efforts.
  • Champion/Sponsor Workshop
    Project Champions provide essential leadership to Six Sigma improvement efforts. This one- to two-day workshop gives Champions working knowledge of their key responsibilities, phases and challenges of typical projects, plus insights and tools for counseling projects to successful completion.
  • Financial Impact Assessment Workshop
    Orientation and planning session for Execs, Finance and Process Improvement staff, establishing guidelines to quantify project gains. Helps ensure consistent, balanced assessment of financial benefits.

Roll-out and Integration

  • Black Belt & Green Belt DMAIC Workshops
    Pivotal’s training for Black Belts, Green Belts and teams builds a breadth of management and analysis skills, with curriculum plans designed for a variety of audiences and objectives. Our innovative phased course design is the choice of many of our clients, while others opt for our outstanding integrated (traditional) DMAIC courseware. Either approach focuses on learning and results.
  • Lean Analysis & Attainment
    While Pivotal’s DMAIC workshops integrate Lean concepts into a broader process improvement framework, the Lean Analysis & Attainment program focuses specifically on “Lean Thinking” principles and methods to drive waste and cycle time reduction, streamline flow and eliminate non-value adding activities from an entire end-to-end process. Appropriate for manufacturing or service-based processes, the course provides a hands-on, results-driven learning experience, usually with coaching support to sustain progress and solidify learning.
  • Six Sigma Design
    A truly successful organization must be able to reinvent its products, services and processes to stay ahead of customer needs and competitors’ challenges. Where Six Sigma and Lean “fixes” leave off, the Six Sigma Design approach provides the roadmap, tools and energy to create dramatic change and real game-changing capability. Pivotal’s Six Sigma Design training and support provide a flexible solution for creating and commercializing new products or services, developing new processes, or optimizing information systems.

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