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Process Metrics Development

 Overview of Process Metrics Development

Developing meaningful, reliable and timely measures – and using them – is one of the more challenging aspects of effective management. While hundreds of companies have created Balanced Scorecards and monitor KPIs, SLAs and CTQs (Key Process Indicators, Service Level Agreements and Critical to Quality requirements) the value and accuracy of these measures is often in question. There’s a constant sense of having too many measures, yet not enough information to effectively guide the business.

There is no such thing as “perfect” measurement. But with the right expertise and diligence, it is possible to create a more effective set of business and process metrics that provide faster and more valuable information about key aspects of your organization. Pivotal works with clients to target the most appropriate facts and data, develop effective data collection methods, design understandable reports and displays, and determine the best approach and frequency for reviewing the measures. We also help you determine what are the unnecessary or unrealistic measures – so you can reduce the noise and stay away from ineffective indicators.


 Rationale & Benefits of Process Metrics Development

Enabling “management by fact” – or more appropriately, “management by more and better facts” – demands good metrics and timely information. Your IT systems may be a great resource, but they often have gaps or challenges based on their design and/or data that feeds them. Also, managers accustomed to today’s data and reports have trouble articulating, or even knowing, what might work better.

In our Process Metrics Development consulting services, we work through the difficult questions and practical challenges that lead to more focused and valuable measures. The final product is a set of refined, targeted measures, reports and monitoring plans that are typically less costly and more valuable to leaders and the business as a whole.

Key questions/issues we help answer in Process Metrics Development include:

  • What things to we need to know or monitor in our business and/or process – including both results/outcomes and “leading indicators”?
  • What data or factors will provide information on those critical indicators?
  • Who would use the facts/metrics and how?
  • What would be the most effective and efficient way of collecting data and presenting it to “end users”?
  • How can we free resources for improved measures by eliminating unneeded measures or reports?
  • How can we test measures for their value and validity, to ensure they are used and trusted?
  • How can the metrics be adjusted and refined over time as needs and priorities change?

Process Metrics Development can be beneficial for any leader, organization or function looking to be better informed about their operation and eager to become more focused and flexible.

This offering links to a variety of other Change Leadership™ services offered by Pivotal Resources. For example, enhanced measures can leverage your Talent Development by providing more effective indicators of group or individual performance, or can offer important advantages in improving the return on your change initiatives through Project Selection & Portfolio Management.

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