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Project Feasibility Assessment

CIBullet Overview of Project Feasibility Assessment

A common stumbling block for executives and project leaders is the difficulty of determining which improvement opportunities are really viable and how best to scope them for success. This “fuzzy front end” of project selection and definition is especially challenging with the most critical business issues, and often leads to frustration, slow start-ups and even the launching of projects that should have been better left alone.

Project Feasibility Analysis is a specialized consulting service in which Pivotal consultants help you evaluate the potential benefits and risks of proposed change efforts, so you can more effectively decide whether they are worth pursuing. In addition, we identify ways to target or scale a project so it can be successfully taken on by a team and brought to completion in a reasonable time frame. The net: more effective project selection, smoother hand-offs to execution leaders, and fewer delayed or failed initiatives.


CIBullet Rationale & Benefits of Project Feasibility Assessment

Critical business challenges don’t come in neat packages. When — as often happens — leaders complain that getting results from their change efforts takes too long, one of the most common reasons is failure to carefully assess the issue up-front. And once a project is launched, they are often hard to stop (even those that seem unlikely to payoff).

Pivotal Resources helps you minimize these challenges and accelerate progress by examining the potential project(s) and providing advice on whether and how to tackle it effectively. Key activities in a Project Feasibility Analysis effort include:

  • Validate and quantify the opportunity or problem through data, case histories, and other key inputs
  • Define the organizational components (departments, locations, processes) and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, regulators, etc.) involved in the issue
  • Examine past efforts to address the issue and their impact
  • Identify ways to segment or scope the issue so it can be addressed in manageable pieces that still provide meaningful benefit to the business
  • Determine the overall potential benefit – in financial or other terms – and describe the overall “business case” for an initiative
  • Provide recommendations on overall viability (go/no go), approach, team make up and appropriate leadership engagement to ensure success

This type of support can provide significant value by using Pivotal’s expertise to set up projects that your people can then tackle more effectively. And it helps you avoid launching efforts that are doomed from the start — one of the best steps toward improving your “Change ROI”!

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