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Project Portfolio Management Workshop

 Overview of Project Portfolio Management Workshop

Duration: 1-2 Days

Participants: Business Leaders and/or Process Owners

Even the best-executed improvement or change projects will yield disappointing results if not focused on the right opportunities. Leaders can’t rely on the “doers” to make up for their own inattention to managing the broader project portfolio. In this action-focused working session, we guide your leaders through defining a solid set of improvement priorities, clarify essentials of effective portfolio management, and outline processes for ongoing project selection and portfolio oversight.

The Project Portfolio Management Workshop balances the short-term objective of project selection with the longer-term goal of building ongoing priority review and adaptation. Leaders who can master both have a significant advantage in boosting the “Change ROI” of their organizations. By developing and refining a Business Case for each high priority project, the session helps a leadership team build consensus around the need for focused, well-resourced change efforts.


 Rationale & Benefits of Project Portfolio Management Workshop

The Project Portfolio Management Workshop combines learning with actual application on your businesses project selection and management processes. It provides a valuable opportunity to build improved teamwork between leaders in cross-functional environments. Key objectives include:

  • Provide a roadmap and set of tools for change project prioritization and “portfolio management”
  • Assess current project opportunities and establish priorities for a current slate of projects – with essential balance between potential results, timing and likelihood of success
  • Enable leaders to recognize and avoid the pitfalls of “usual suspect” solutions that look attractive but waste time and resources
  • Practice key steps to scope/size projects for success, and identify the right change strategy (e.g. strategic initiative, quick win, process improvement (e.g. Lean, DMAIC, Kaizen), design/redesign (reengineering, DFSS), etc.)
  • Build a solid business case for chosen projects, allowing project executors (e.g. Sponsors, Program Managers, Black Belts, etc.) to gain the support and resources they need
  • Initiate an ongoing process for leaders to effectively assess and deploy improvement resources – including stopping and refocusing efforts as needs change


Outcomes and leader knowledge developed through this workshop can be leveraged through other elements of Pivotal’s Change Leadership™ system, such as the informative Change ROI Assessment and our Project Selection & Portfolio Management consulting support.


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