Our consultants have written the most recognized and highly acclaimed books related to Change Leadership, and Lean Six Sigma deployment.

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The Six Sigma Way, Second Edition

By Pete Pande, Robert Neuman, Roland Cavanagh

Price: $50.00 + shipping


How to Maximize the Impact of your Change and Improvement Efforts

The Six Sigma Way, Second Edition, is a definitive guide to successfully implementing Lean Six Sigma approaches into any organization, and is essential for any manager who wants to stop thinking about building a continuous improvement culture — but actually make it happen.



The Six Sigma Leader

By Pete Pande

Price: $18.00 + shipping

Audio Book now available


How Top Executives Will Prevail in the 21st Century

Leadership excellence that will guide your organization through a new age of challenge and complexity.


The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook

By Pete Pande, Robert Neuman, Roland Cavanagh

Price: $23.00 + shipping


A Hands-On Implementation Guide to the Best-Selling The Six Sigma Way

A highly practical reference for team leaders and members, outlining both the methods that have made Six Sigma successful and the basic steps a team must follow in an improvement effort.


The Six Sigma Way, First Edition

By Pete Pande, Robert Neuman, Roland Cavanagh

Please see Second Edition (above) or call 925-975-0500 for special orders.


Named by Forbes Magazine as One of the 10 Most Influential Business Books of the Last 20 Years

The Six Sigma Way is required reading for any business leader planning to successfully implement Six Sigma.


What is Six Sigma?

By Pete Pande, Larry Holpp

Price: $9.50 + shipping


The Most Understandable Explanation of Six Sigma Available

A concise summary of the core themes and processes of Six Sigma, this overview describes what Six Sigma is, why companies are implementing it, and how employees can make it a success.


What is Six Sigma Process Management?

By Rowland Hayler, Michael Nichols

Price: $12.00 + shipping


A Quick, Easy-to-Understand Introduction to Making SSPM Work for You

Complete with an inside look at future SSPM developments, What is Six Sigma Process Management? is a one-stop guide to improved process maturity and operational performance.



Six Sigma for Financial Services

By Rowland Hayler, Michael Nichols

Price: $26.00 + shipping


How Leading Companies are Driving Results Using Lean, Six Sigma, and Process Management

This book fully explores why the world’s leading financial services organizations are striving to achieve sustainable world-class business process excellence, and demonstrates how Lean, Six Sigma, and Business Process Management are being used to deliver dramatic improvements in results.


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