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A Comprehensive Suite of Services to Drive Change and Optimize Performance

Seal of OregonPivotal Resources, Inc. specializes in supporting organizations as they pursue transformational change initiatives. For almost 20 years we have supported the change efforts of hundreds of public and private organizations, applying concepts such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Change Management to generate the greatest results possible. Now we are using the depth of our experience and expertise to benefit the State of Oregon.

Tailored Support for Oregon’s Improvement Efforts

Whether the goal is to provide better customer service, cut costs or realign organizational structure, Pivotal’s  services are always customized to match each client’s specific needs. For some organizations we serve as a key strategic partner, providing the full range of assessment, planning and execution support shown below. For other organizations our support is more narrowly targeted at satisfying a very specific consulting or training need. Whatever your situation, our team will work with you to understand your objectives and needs, and we will tailor our support to help you achieve the results you seek.




Developing a Vision for the Future

Government agencies and service districts are facing challenges surpassing any in recent memory. Demand for high quality services are at peak levels, while financial resources are severely restricted. Using proven techniques, Pivotal helps organizations develop their vision for how to survive – and thrive – in this complex environment.

Organizational Assessment

Only by effectively examining the “current state” of the organization, can a successful path to the envisioned “future state” be built.  Pivotal’s diagnostic approach includes operational performance appraisal, cultural analysis, leadership/management effectiveness evaluation, and change readiness assessment.

Change Initiative Strategy Planning

Many well-intentioned improvement efforts go astray by the failure of leaders and teams to channel their efforts in the most effective way.  Pivotal helps set priorities, identify meaningful and measurable goals, and develop plans for how to deploy resources and successfully manage a change effort.

Performance Management and Process Metrics

Communicating clear objectives and effectively assessing progress are key components of successful government.  Pivotal helps clients develop management techniques and measurement systems – including reporting tools, governance processes and customer feedback mechanisms – to track results and respond to issues as they arise.

Skills Training & Coaching

Pivotal is well known for our engaging and effective training curriculum – from Lean Six Sigma (such as Kaizen, Green Belt and Black Belt) to Teamwork and Communication to Leadership and Managerial skills. Beyond the classroom, Pivotal also provides hands-on coaching to help participants apply concepts and drive meaningful results.

Project Management

Some projects are so mission-critical that they simply need to get done now! For these situations, Pivotal provides the required manpower. Our consulting team has project management expertise, along with deep experience solving real problems.

Managing the Change Process

To achieve a sustainable transformation, organizations must anticipate the difficult personal transitions that will occur as employees let go of the past and establish new ways of doing things. Managing transitions requires a robust strategy of communication, training and reinforcement, along with sensitivity to people’s concerns and feelings. Pivotal helps plan and facilitate activities that effectively address the transition process.

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