Sigma Station™ – Process Improvement Simulation

Business Improvement for Fun – and Profit!

Duration: 1 day.

Participants: Senior leaders, middle managers, front line workers, anyone who wants to learn more about the value of Lean, Six Sigma, and Continuous Improvement techniques and methods for teams and the organization.

Bringing the concepts and tools of business change to life is not easy. The techniques can be taught, but to really feel how Lean, Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement make a difference often takes something more. Sigma StationPivotal’s Sigma Station™ process simulation program is a fast and powerful way to give people that direct connection to what innovative, customer-driven business improvement is all about. Playing roles in a “real-life” business – The Sigma Broadcasting Company – participants are challenged to:

  • Define their process and problem
  • Identify what’s critical to their customers
  • Interpret and learn from measures
  • Analyze the process for variation, value, flow and root causes
  • Develop, test and implement solutions
  • Work as a team to execute effective improvement

Sigma Station Simulation Workgroup

Just as importantly, Sigma Station lets participants compare the focused and creative disciplines of enhanced business improvement methods with the “bad habits” that too often frustrate their efforts. The Sigma Station game is flexible enough to illustrate principles of Six Sigma/DMAIC, Lean thinking, process design/redesign (DFSS) and even “quick hit” problem solving. Companies as diverse as Starwood Hotels, Genentech, BP, adidas Group, Schwab, Cisco and Kaiser Permanente – to name a few – have used Sigma Station™ as an engaging and effective way to build knowledge and enthusiasm… from executives to front-line staff. Groups from 12 to 120 or more can be accommodated (logistics permitting). The Sigma Station™ Simulation is incorporated into a number of Pivotal’s workshops, including Core Concepts of Lean Six Sigma and our Champion / Executive Sponsor Workshops.

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