Six Sigma for Financial Services


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By Rowland Hayler, Michael Nichols

How Leading Companies are Driving Results Using Lean, Six Sigma, and Process Management

This accessible, comprehensive guide from two top business improvement experts shows how financial giants such as American Express, Bank of America, and Wachovia have applied Six Sigma, Lean, and Process Management to their service-based operations. Hayler & Nichols provide specific, real-world examples and offer step-by-step solutions to help you improve your company’s processes.

“An excellent book for anyone involved in a business process excellence journey!”
Paul Baker, Managing Director, Group Operations, Lloyds TSB

“Customer service, top-line growth, compliance, and regulatory oversight have all become crucial for financial institutions….The authors masterfully illustrate how Six Sigma and Lean, under a process management umbrella, support these relevant business objectives.”
Juan Carlos Paez, Chief Operating Officer, BAC Credomatic Network

“A great reference for those of us who want to ‘fast-forward’ our process innovation initiatives to achieve outstanding results.”
Teng Soon Lang, Executive Vice President and Head,
Group Quality & Process Innovation, Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation

“The approaches that Hayler & Nichols describe are not just for the Operations function – they apply equally to Marketing and Sales – business process excellence is critical for
maximizing the return on marketing investments and an organization’s value creation.”
Arjen Kruger, former Chief Marketing Officer, MasterCard Europe


Finally, top executives across the global financial services industry are catching on – and catching up – to what the world’s most successful corporations have known for more than a decade: The performance improvement principles of Six Sigma, Lean, and Process Management can be applied to all aspects of any company’s operations – with remarkable results.

If you want to take advantage of these proven, performance-enhancing methods, tools and techniques, this reference helps you to use Six Sigma and other tools in a wide range of financial service applications: commercial or savings banks, diversified financials, securities, insurance firms, and more. Six Sigma for Financial Services delivers a complete and groundbreaking model specifically for financial services, created by two experts of Six Sigma deployment and Process Management.

Clear, concise, and comprehensive, this hands-on guide features actual experiences from frontline managers and executives in financial services firms all around the world. You’ll see, up close and personal, how they used Six Sigma to illustrate key points and achieve optimal performance in their companies. You’ll learn firsthand why business process excellence is crucial for success in an increasingly competitive, mission-critical industry. Using Lean, Six Sigma, and other process tools, you’ll be able to run leaner and more efficiently, and provide improved service with the best possible returns.


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