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Six Sigma Leader Audio Book

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By Pete Pande

“The concepts in this book can be of significant benefit in supporting your success and helping us meet the growing need for great leaders in every organization and at every level.” — W. James McNerney, Jr., chairman, president, and chief executive officer, The Boeing Company

While Six Sigma and Lean efforts drive impressive results in companies worldwide, they have had minimal impact on how well the vast majority of leaders guide their organizations.

In The Six Sigma Leader, noted author and business change authority Peter S. Pande advocates a higher standard of leadership effectiveness through the foundational principles of Six Sigma. The Six Sigma Leader offers compelling, instructive advice for improving your own flexibility and focus, achieving seemingly contradictory objectives, and overcoming the pitfalls that impede so many leaders and their organizations.

A Six Sigma Leader is a model for the type of executive or manager anyone can aspire to be – regardless of whether your business “does” Six Sigma or not.

The Six Sigma Leader offers insights that can be applied immediately to the current challenges and opportunities faced by you and your organization.

The Six Sigma Leader defines successful leadership in the 21st century. With illustrative examples and proven strategies such as “The 10 Second Rule” (taking that extra time to make sure you’re asking the right questions to get the information you need), this book offers techniques that link leadership improvement to real gains in business results, and explores:

  • Six Sigma Leadership: the core principles of Six Sigma leadership and the 21st century challenges of balance and flexibility
  • Change and Constancy: the role of change in leadership and how to achieve greater return on your change portfolio
  • Certainty and Doubt: the myth of leader infallibility and ways to confidently combine facts and intuition
  • Speed and Deliberateness: the benefits and perils of “speed at all costs” and a set of key disciplines that enable greater speed
  • Teamwork and Independence: the sources of organizational barriers and the leadership practices that can eliminate them
  • Now, Tomorrow, and Next Year: the management of business change by different time horizons: short-, mid-, and long-term
  • Customer First…and Last: why customers are so critical, yet can also be a detriment to long-term business health
  • Bringing Six Sigma Leadership to Life: the factors likely to favor and inhibit successful adoption of Six Sigma Leadership

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