“Two of the key aspects that I am most satisfied in our relationship with Pivotal, has been in their flexibility in delivering services and their commitment to building internal capacity, which is why we selected them in the first place!  They have been very flexible in their ability to meet varying demand and support multiple types of requests on sometimes short notice.  Building internal capacity has been our major focus and they have fully supported us in this by providing expert coaching and mentorship (‘train the trainer”).

– Director, Improvement Capacity Building, Alberta Health Services



“Pivotal was selected to provide a variety of important services to support the CMS Improvement Initiative, which is a key strategic effort for the agency.   In their work, Pivotal has exceeded our expectations and has proven to be a capable and effective partner in helping to improve many aspects of our internal processes and operations.

– Organization Development Specialist, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services




“This partnership has produced tremendous results, not only in affecting our bottom line in time and money savings, but in profit and in overall cultural change.

Through the delivery of the Lean Six Sigma training, consulting with our project teams, and support through execution, certification, and executive support, Pivotal has produced quality and a clear demonstration of experience.

– Director, Talent Development & Communication



“At Healthaxis we were looking for a consulting partner to help us complete a standardized metric systems, to install a consistent process improvement approach company-wide, and to design new and unique quality approaches for our industry. Our goal was to improve our processes for PREVENTING problems, not just do a better job of DETECTING them. With Pivotal Resources, we found that partner. Together we launched a Six Sigma initiative that is helping all of our employees better understand the link between our internal process management activities and our external customer satisfaction results. Over time, there is no doubt that the Healthaxis Process Excellence program will become a key competitive advantage for us. And we couldn’t have done it without Pivotal Resources.”

– John Carradine, President



“G&K Services evaluated many vendors in the Lean Six Sigma consulting/training space before choosing Pivotal Resources. I am glad to say that they have exceeded our expectations. Our team members have learned a great deal and are now applying the Six Sigma tools and concepts to the benefit of our customers and our shareholders.”

– George Bazarko, Director – Process Excellence





“In situations where Oracle’s customer has or is thinking about a Six Sigma initiative, having the sales team conversant in Six Sigma helps build our credibility as trusted advisor and solidifies relationships.”

“Today I learned how to articulate more value in the Oracle Portfolio Planning Tool with Six Sigma implications. The tool capitalizes on this framework.”

“This will help us sell more because I will be more valuable to my customers because I understand their business better.”

“Just the principles of customer focus, process focus and management by fact should help us continue to improve internally and properly channel our efforts.”



“Our instructor was very informative. She was experienced and was able to assist and provide us with examples pertaining to our industry; the instructor was very knowledgeable. She was able to deliver and provide beneficial explanations and support throughout the class.”

“The instructor was great. Very knowledgeable about Six Sigma with much first hand application experience. He was very in-tune with his class and very good about keeping everyone on task.”

“I have attended many, many training sessions. This instructor was by far the best. Her subject matter knowledge was apparent, enthusiasm contagious, and her energy kept us all going. Great job!

“It was a great class and walked out knowing how to apply applications to our business”

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