Training Materials

All of Pivotal’s courses and working sessions feature comprehensive participant learning and support materials. These packages serve as a valuable resource for workshop attendees – with key points, examples, worksheets and job aids, glossaries, reading lists and background information. The materials are used extensively during a workshop and also provide a useful reference after the training. They are also designed to be highly “instructor friendly” and help ensure consistent and effective development of critical process improvement skills.

You have three ways to purchase these highly regarded materials:

Materials Option 1: Unit Purchase

This is the simplest approach and where most clients begin: You order materials by quantity or by class and pay based on the number ordered. Pivotal handles all production and ensures delivery of the materials to your designated ship-to location.

Volume discounts are available for higher quantities ordered and paid for in advance.

Materials Option 2: Reproduction License (volume-based)

The main advantage of this approach is that you, rather than Pivotal, take responsibility for production and distribution of your own materials. For companies who want that level of control and/or who can achieve savings by doing their own printing, this may be an attractive choice.

Please note that this is a limited license – you are only purchasing the right to print Pivotal’s copyrighted materials up to a certain quantity, but not for full ownership of our “intellectual property.”

Materials Option 3: Ownership License

This license option is ideal when you want full capability to produce, modify and enhance course material based on Pivotal’s standard or tailored content. A sample of the companies who have purchased ownership licenses to one or more Pivotal courses includes Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Sun Microsystems, Target Stores and Milliken & Company. This clearly offers the most flexibility and often the best long-term value when training will be delivered in larger volumes.

The ownership license – giving you rights to Pivotal’s intellectual property – requires a higher up-front investment than Options 1 or 2. However, we are committed to seeking an approach that offers meaningful value to each client.

Common terms of an ownership license:

  • Use of the materials is granted by Pivotal Resources, Inc. under a licensing letter of agreement
  • You may modify the materials as desired, or engage Pivotal to do tailoring for you
  • The materials will retain credit to Pivotal Resources, Inc.; You agree to protect the materials from unlawful copy or theft
  • Unlimited reproduction for internal use is permitted; direct suppliers, customers and supply chain partners may also use the materials in conjunction with your program
  • Commercial sale of the materials or their derivatives is not permitted

Note: Internal facilitation using Pivotal materials is subject to prior evaluation and approval of your trainer/consultant personnel. We do this to ensure you get the learning impact and results you expect when using Pivotal’s training content. For more on our services to help develop your internal capability, see our section on Coach & Trainer Development.

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