What is Six Sigma?


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By Pete Pande, Larry Holpp

The First Six Sigma Primer for Employees

A brief introduction to Six Sigma – a foundational and effective system for improving the quality of organizational processes – for employees of organizations rolling out Six Sigma – not just managers. A concise summary of the core themes and processes of Six Sigma, this overview describes what Six Sigma is, why companies are implementing it, and how employees can make it a success. Based on the best-selling The Six Sigma Way, this accessible introduction to answers employee questions and concerns about this revolutionary program.


This introduction explains what questions to ask when Six Sigma is first introduced in the organization, then answers those questions in a straightforward and easy-to-read style. Look to it for real-world descriptions of:

  • The fundamentals and foundations of Six Sigma
  • The essential roles employees play in Six Sigma
  • The changes and challenges they are likely to see
  • Case studies of employees using Six Sigma to identify – and correct – major problems

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