Pivotal Resources makes change easier - and more productive - for your organization. We're specialists in helping leaders, managers, and front-line staff through transformations - both big and small.

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Pivotal Resources: Driving Change • Building Leaders Pivotal Resources: Driving Change • Building Leaders Pivotal Resources: Driving Change • Building Leaders
Why Pivotal Resources?

20+ Years of Client Satisfaction

Global Reach, Flexible Tailored Solutions

Our foundation in process improvement and business process management set us apart early as a leader in the industry. Our thought leadership has greatly influenced the industry and allowed us the good fortune of working with many of the world's most respected companies. Our first major publication, The Six Sigma Way, was named by Forbes as one of the 10 most influential business titles of the past 20 years.

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Change Execution

A Faster, Smoother Road to Results

Too often, businesses set ambitious goals, yet fail to reach their destination. Pivotal provides the horsepower and expertise to meet your change objectives, with seasoned consultants who lead projects, advise and support, and/or train your people. Our track record of impressive client results is fueled by many powerful methods, including Lean, Six Sigma, change management and more.

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Leadership Performance

A New Direction for 21st Century Leaders

Leadership success today is defined by improvement, innovation and adaptation. But guiding change requires dynamic leadership skills, not just “competencies.” Pivotal’s unique approach to leadership development addresses the paradoxes that 21st century executives and managers must balance, and the practical methods that drive results and new organizational capability.

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Process Management

Find the Best Route to Sustained Success

To adapt and thrive in an uncertain environment, the ability to map out priorities and build cross-functional teamwork is essential. Pivotal works with you to develop systems and skills to guide change investments and align them to the value engines of your business. Boosting your “change ROI” can unlock huge benefits and reduce the pain of derailed initiatives.

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Client Diagnostics

Understanding Needs, Defining Solutions

Reaching your destination is difficult if you don’t know where you are now. For every engagement, Pivotal helps verify and/or assess your current needs and priorities, to ensure our services propel your organization in the right direction. Formal and informal diagnostics gauge your organization’s status, leadership, skills, change readiness — any factor impacting your ability to meet your goals.

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Pivotal Thought Leadership

Change Leadership

"If change is the one constant, then being good at change becomes the one constant that can help your business adapt and thrive."

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The Six Sigma Way, 2nd Edition

The Six Sigma Way, 2nd Edition, is the definitive guide to successfully implementing Lean Six Sigma approaches into any organization and is essential for any manager who wants to stop thinking about building a continuous improvement culture — but actually make it happen.
"One of the 20 Most Influential Business Books"
— Forbes

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