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Develop People Who Make
Improvement Happen

In the 1990s, Pivotal helped create the “gold standard” for Lean Six Sigma practitioner training, which remains among the best in the world.


Green & Black Belts trained





Benefits, Objectives and Options

Well-trained Green and Black Belts play several important roles:

  • Lead and support successful continuous improvement projects
  • Establish and maintain a culture of proactive problem solving and innovation
  • Provide expertise in data analysis, waste reduction, change management and more
  • Develop into future leaders of their organizations

Our training has uniquely addressed all these dimensions, covering a breadth of skills ranging from goal setting and project management to analysis and creativity.  Pivotal-trained Belts promote teamwork, challenge the status quo, and build support for new ways of working.

Green Belt Program

Covers essential concepts and skills of an improvement project leader, from targeting the problem to developing solutions to confirming results.  Also supports tying Lean and Six Sigma thinking to everyday problems and processes.  Green Belts learn to select the right tools to answer key questions and deliver lasting improvement impact.

Black Belt Program

Advanced training builds on Green Belt knowledge, adding depth in such areas as measurement systems, waste identification, data analysis, process optimization, facilitation and coaching, and organizational change management.

What sets Pivotal’s Green & Black Belt Training Apart?

Essentials First

A Green or Black Belt must foremost be an effective problem solver.  We start with capabilities that are core to every successful improvement:  Pinpoint the issue, understand why it’s happening, and apply the most effective solution.


Workshops ensure concepts are understandable, practical and adaptable to the situation, expanding and building knowledge as participants gain experience.


A balanced approach addressing all key elements of the CI skill set: priority-setting, measures, process and data/statistical analysis, team-building, creativity, facilitation, change management and effective implementation.


Our core materials—originally designed for service clients—have been adapted for many audiences: financial services, health care, government, education, high tech and manufacturing.


We offer instruction in multiple languages, in classrooms or through virtual options, and tailored to make our programs best fit your needs.

Global Reach, Local Solutions

We provide training a variety of languages including: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Malay, Japanese, Mandarin and Thai.

Add-on resources to leverage learning and ensure results:

On-line access to tips, tool instructions, templates and more

Advice and support from a seasoned improvement consultant

Access to popular reference texts such as The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook and The Six Sigma Leader

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