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Thought Leadership in
Organization Change

Pivotal Resources has played a key role influencing and inspiring development of Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma worldwide

As Six Sigma was gaining attention in the late 1990s, businesspeople wanted to know more:  “What really  is this?” “How do you do it?”   Pivotal Resources partnered with McGraw-Hill to author and publish a series of books that would answer those questions and more.  The first to hit the shelves in 2000—bestseller The Six Sigma Way (with a second edition in 2014)—was named by Time magazine as one of the all-time top 10 most influential business books.

These books—translated into some 20 languages—reinforce the message that Lean Six Sigma, by whatever name, should be a flexible approach and mindset to building improvement capability.  We continue today to follow the valuable principles presented in these works.

The Six Sigma Way

Comprehensive but entertaining look at the benefits and challenges of Six Sigma, tips to make it work for executives and practitioners, and examples from different kinds of organizations and improvement efforts.

Reviewer Comments

“I could not recommend this book more, it is really a must have for anyone in leadership or interested in getting Process Improvement up-and-running and running successfully.”

“What sets this book apart is both the breadth and depth in which the topic is discussed. Whether one is a novice or expert, looking to obtain a high level overview or a deep understanding of the subject matter, this book is for you.”

What is Six Sigma?

Fast-paced introduction to continuous improvement, aimed at individual contributors but useful for anyone.

Reviewer Comments

“This book was my first introduction into Six Sigma. That was several years ago, but I still hang on to this book and keep it within reach when I need to reference it.… Simply, it is very user friendly and quite informative.”

“Essential. Managers don’t miss out. Everyone needs to know these business basics.”

The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook

A “how-to” manual for planning, managing and delivering continuous improvements.

Reviewer Comments

“Was in need of a Six Sigma reference, and this is the book!  With all the industry requiring Lean training, this book gives in depth instruction on the processes for corrective and preventative actions for project managers to succeed!”

Excellent resource as you begin your CI journey. Easy to understand and apply. Useful tables at the end of each tollgate are perfect.”

The Six Sigma Leader

A unique look at the knowledge and practices for leaders seeking to successfully deliver any type of change (not just continuous improvement.

Reviewer Comments

“For all the talk of the importance of organizational agility, this book offers a practical way for business leaders to make change happen properly. “Change leadership” should become a key part of every CEO’s lexicon.”

“This is an outstanding book for anyone, regardless of position or industry, interested in improving his or her decision-making and thinking skills.”

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