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Mastery in Creating Essential
Support for Change Initiatives

Pivotal’s programs in Organization Change Management (OCM) leverage our experience with hundreds of initiatives, providing insights, knowledge and tools to change leaders at all levels.

Programs tailored to key roles in guiding change

Our change management training is designed to ensure that the people dimension is integrated into each project—not a sidebar or afterthought.

Change Management Essentials

½ to Full Day

Introduces critical elements of generating and sustaining effective change.  Applicable to any audience, but with special focus on management’s role in leading performance improvement, reorganizations or culture change efforts.  Exposure to the most critical tools and strategies for assessing readiness and mobilizing commitment and buy-in—and how to apply the right approaches to overcome concerns and resistance.

Change Agent Workshop

2 Days

Depth of knowledge and hands-on support for leaders or teams currently involved in an important change effort—or with ongoing responsibility for new technology, process changes or broader transformations.  Participants use current or pending changes as a context to assess needs, select and deploy effective strategies, and monitor stakeholder perspectives.  Establishes the role of a change agent as an essential contributor, providing methods to address a wide variety of situations and challenges.

Change Sponsor Workshop

½ Day

Sponsorship is often cited as the greatest contributor to successful change—or the source of failure.  This executive/manager workshop highlights the critical responsibility of a sponsor, the essential factors for success, and prompts leaders to assess how their own habits and practices drive or hamper change.  Draws on Pivotal’s foundational concept of change paradoxes to enable proactive, positive and flexible change leadership.

A Roadmap for Planning and Guiding Change

Effective Change Management provides a bridge between the execution of a change (tasks, schedule, budgets, evaluation) and its impact on people (levels of understanding, acceptance, capability, ownership, etc.).  When the practical and the people sides are not coordinated, both are likely to fail.

Pivotal’s proprietary Organizational Change Management roadmap—Prepare, Adapt, Adopt—provides a simple but flexible framework to align change execution (the Project) with developing new attitudes, skills and support (the People).

For organizations who have already adopted one of the other well-known change management models (Kotter, ADKAR, etc.), we adjust our programs to support that approach.

Need to build strong change management capability in your organization?