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Creating the Capability to Move Organizations Forward

Provide leaders with knowledge to deliver on improvement/change initiatives. Our programs for new managers through seasoned executives develop individual skills and help form a more effective team of change leaders.

A Lasting Investment in Your Organization’s Future

Experience may be a great teacher, but when it comes to leading change, the cost of derailed or delayed initiatives is an expensive way to learn.  Pivotal’s Leading Change programs combine the best of learning and experience.  We tie learning to outcomes and provide insights that powerfully complement standard leadership curricula.

Key Insights

Of the many ways we help organizations master change, developing leaders may be the most valuable to your organization over the long term.

Business Change = Leadership Change

Organizations reflect their leadership.  Yet leaders often look to others to do the changing

More is Not More

Ambition, poor coordination and other pressures often overwhelm capacity to make change work

Every Solution is a Hypothesis

Success is never guaranteed, and the ability to test and adapt change is a sign of strength—not weakness

Sample Programs: Adapted to your Leaders, Culture & Objectives

These can be offered as standalone workshops, or as components of a tailored leading change curriculum:

Fundamentals of Change Leadership

½ to Full Day

Comprehensive survey course covering success factors for leading change.  Teaches core concepts such as Change Leadership Paradoxes, visioning, aligning words and actions, leadership culture and causes of failure.

Participants create action plans to address high priority needs or gaps in their ability to support and drive change.

Change Leadership Retreat

1 to 2 Days

An intensive workshop built around a key organizational transformation, with exploration of success factors, risks, roles and responsibilities, and formal and informal practices and skills. 

Typically linked with up-front organizational and/or individual assessment.  Extended workshop also features an interactive change leadership simulation.

Passport: Leading the Organization Change Journey

2-3 Days – flexible schedule

A practical and inspiring program for executives, managers and supervisors.  Covers four core phases of organizational change and how leaders and managers can ensure success throughout.

Includes a broad mix of individual and team exercises and reinforces such skills as coaching, problem solving, and collaborative decision making—all in support of a more adaptive organization and improved “change ROI.”

How can Pivotal’s Leading Change training benefit your organization?