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Validate Achievement
and Capability

Certification recognizes individuals who have demonstrated proficiency in a range of Lean Six Sigma skills and principles.  These practitioners become a key resource for change efforts across your organization.

Comprehensive Assessment Process and Resources

Pivotal’s certification program offers the credibility of our reputation and role in establishing the global continuous improvement “body of knowledge”—backed by years evaluating individual effectiveness in leading change initiatives.  It is the basis for certification at dozens of organizations, including Cisco, BP, Charles Schwab, Givaudan and Alberta Health Services.

Both Green and Black Belt certifications follow a similar process that assesses practical knowledge, judgment in managing the complexities of organizational change, and proficiency in key technical skills.

Green Belt certification should be completed as a prerequisite for Black Belt.  It is not required that candidates complete Pivotal Resources training, but they will need comprehensive knowledge and experience to be successful.

Understanding our Certification Approach

Process Step

Key Information

Select Candidate

Certification is not for everyone.  Whether at Green or Black Belt level, individuals should have shown clear interest in and aptitude to be Continuous Improvement leaders.

Prepare for Exam

We provide comprehensive review workshops for most clients; individuals should plan their own preparation time as well.  Knowing concepts, terms and “how to” for key tools is important, but extensive memorization is not.

Online Examination

Each exam has seven sections, covering technical and “soft” skills (change management, teamwork, facilitation). A 70% score is required on all sections to pass; retakes are done only on sections not passed the first time. Exams available in multiple languages.

Submit Completed Project Storyboard

Format is flexible; candidates should provide documentation of their project (e.g. charter, data, analysis, change management actions, solutions and results).  It is not essential to fully achieve project goals, as long as candidates demonstrate the right actions, understanding and competency.

Oral Review & Final Certification

Looks beyond the exam to ensure the candidate can translate knowledge to effective action.  Typically done by a Pivotal consultant and a client “panel”—though many clients eventually take over the reviews and make final certification decisions.

A Tailored, Turnkey Solution

Pivotal can provide advice, resources, and expertise to help your organization establish its own “in-house” certification process.  Contact us to learn more.