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Commitment to Change Excellence

Pivotal Resources was founded in 1993 with the vision of linking diverse organizational improvement methods into a cohesive model for achieving significant and lasting business results. We are a global consulting firm helping organizations like yours reach new levels of success and growth.

A History of Service and Thought Leadership

For nearly three decades, we have focused on helping organizations master the challenges of change.  Our ability to address the unique needs of each client is reflected in the breadth of our engagements in a variety of industries, from health care and high tech to financial services and government.

Pivotal Resources’ influence helped shape the field of organizational improvement, and has allowed us the good fortune of working with many of the world’s most respected companies. Our first major publication, The Six Sigma Way—released in 2000, with a second edition in 2014—was translated into nearly 20 languages and cited by Time and Forbes as among the most influential business books.

In 2010, we launched our expanded Change Leadership™ system of consulting & training services, and have continued to develop new capabilities on the foundation of our practical, proven approach.

How we work

Pivotal Resources’ strengths include our people, expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to your success.  We take a common sense approach, guided by important service principles:

Achievable Objectives

Time is valuable. We work with you up-front to define deliverables and set expectations. We promise only what we can deliver and deliver what we promise.

Tailored Services

Businesses share common problems—but the solutions to those problems are never “common.” One size does not fit all!

Partnering for Success

We become an extension of your team and your goals are our priority. We enjoy strong working relationships and have developed many friendships with our clients.

Energy and Flexibility

The world, and your organization, are constantly changing. We adapt quickly to your needs, while emphasizing creativity and fun as ingredients for the best results.

Global Reach, Local Focus

With capability that covers six continents, Pivotal Resources is positioned to support your needs no matter what your organization’s location or footprint.  From our base in North America, our team handles integrated worldwide engagements, regional efforts and local organization initiatives with equal care and outstanding service

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