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CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Taking People, Process and
Performance to New Levels
Process and
Performance to
New Levels

Nearly 25 years ago, we helped shape and inspire the Lean Six Sigma movement that spread worldwide and to every industry.  Today, Pivotal’s expertise continues to help organizations tackle tough problems and create an improvement-ready culture.

A Proven, Accessible Approach

Whether planning a Lean Six Sigma deployment, training Belts or coaching leaders and teams, your success is achieved through the same principles we brought to GE—and many others:

Work on the right things

Clarify the problem

Challenge assumptions

Focus on the customer

Test ideas with facts

Engage people and build support

Be persistent, focus on results

Continuous Improvement is not always easy, but it shouldn’t be complicated.  Our experienced consultant/trainers and common sense approach unlock the improvement potential of your organization and people.

How We Enable Your Continuous Improvement Success

Strategy and Deployment

Establish a compelling vision and scope.  Evaluate readiness and identify opportunities and obstacles.  Plan actions, resources, and pace, with milestones to evaluate progress.  Engage leaders, management and staff to build skills and achieve goals.

Project and People Selection

Match number and mix of improvement efforts to your priorities and resources.  Create a process for choosing functional or cross-business initiatives.  Identify the right individuals to lead and support the improvement process.

Capability Building

Prepare and deliver outstanding awareness and skill development learning for each key role.  Connect training to real-life improvement opportunities.  Build from foundational to advanced, certified skills.  Prepare leaders to guide and support key initiatives. For more, see our Training overview and program descriptions.

Coaching & Execution

Provide support to keep initiatives on time and respond to issues and obstacles.  Mentor CI leaders and practitioners to accelerate learning and build confidence.  Ensure results are sustained.

Performance Measures

Evaluate existing measurement systems.  Develop/improve KPIs and dashboards to provide timely, usable information.  Connect daily, operational metrics with business/strategic goals.  Build visual management systems to enable real-time response.

“Toolkit”: Selected and Tailored to the Job

Like any craft, Continuous Improvement draws upon many techniques and tools.  But most work is done with few essential methods—like the hammer, saw, and screwdriver for a carpenter.  We build your mastery of the basics, applying more specialized methods when needed.

Thought Leadership

Pivotal Resources played an important role in the growth of Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement through a series of influential and highly-praised books. The Six Sigma Way was our first book on the topic and has sold well over 250,000 copies worldwide.

The Pivotal Resources team have extensive knowledge, understanding, and ability to support quality improvement and change management within a large, complex organization.  It has been a pleasure collaborating with them.  Over 5,000 individuals have received education and coaching, and the feedback is very positive.  The Pivotal team is highly valued for their expertise and support and are repeatedly requested for new initiatives!

Corporate Improvement & Quality Leader, Public Healthcare Provider

Pivotal Resources provided consultants that clearly demonstrated knowledge, skills, and expertise relating to Lean Six Sigma tools, techniques, and methodologies.  They completed a significant amount of pre-work months in advance, which prevented last-minute issues.  We would work with Pivotal Resources again without hesitation.  I had worked with Pivotal while at VA Health System and brought them in to support us based on the work they did there.

Manager of Performance Improvement, University Hospital System

The training and project facilitation was very effective and has helped our organization successfully address a number of difficult process and service issues.  The team’s consultants are very well versed in best practices and have a broad range of experience in many industries that continue to add value. Trainers were able to work with individuals at all levels from leadership to line level and was very effective at gaining trust and support from the onset of the project.

Advanced Technology Laboratory VP

We have worked with Pivotal for 13+ years and they have coached and trained hundreds of management and staff around the world.  They are always willing to help, customize materials, address special needs, etc.  They have highly qualified consultants who adapt well to the company environment and make the coaching, trainings and working sessions applicable to our industry.

Senior Change Leader, Apparel Company

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