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A Team of Change Experts

Pivotal Resources consultants and staff are a strength of our organization: People with the skill and experience to teach and support improvement, and maximize the benefit to each client and project. Common characteristics:

Our people value and nurture the collaboration that’s essential to every task and engagement.

Broad Capabilities

Each Pivotal team member can play multiple roles and is comfortable adapting to expected and unexpected obstacles.

Practical Approach

Plain language, straightforward concepts, the shortest path to sustainable results—these prove far more effective than “consultant-speak” or textbook theory.


Change takes work, but it should be rewarding and fun.  Pivotal consultants encourage and energize people as they achieve their goals.

Pete Pande
President & Executive Consultant, North America

Pete Pande

Pete is a recognized expert in organizational change leadership with over 35 years of consulting.  He has led strategic planning and operational improvement efforts for clients in a wide variety…

Cheralynn Abbott
Senior VP & Executive Consultant, North America

Cheralynn Abbott

Cheralynn is responsible for Pivotal’s day-to-day operations in the U.S. and abroad.  With 20 years’ experience planning and leading organizational change engagements, she excels in working with leadership teams to…

Brittany Sale
Organizational Improvement Consultant, North America

Brittany Sale

Brittany brings a rich 15 years’ experience in education, social sciences research, business development and project leadership to her work as an organization improvement consultant.  Her personal approach and ability…

Alicia Walshin
Business Operations Administrator, North America

Alicia Walshin

Alicia is responsible for ensuring smooth operation of Pivotal’s client-facing logistics and services as well as accounting and office management.  She joined Pivotal in 2017, bringing over 10 years of…

Kelly Kita
Senior Consultant, North America

Kelly Kita

Over 25 years experience in change leadership, process-based organizational design, measurement, and problem solving.  Kelly works with leaders and teams at all levels to improve organizational effectiveness and implement large-scale…

Chris McCann
Senior Consultant, Europe

Chris McCann

An engaging and highly-skilled change consultant and trainer, Chris has helped dozens of leaders and teams deliver performance improvements, while building skills in change management, statistical analysis and practical problem…

Yoong Fook Loy
Senior Consultant, Asia Pacific

Yoong Fook Loy

Fook Loy has led Pivotal Resources’ Asia operations since 2003, serving global and regional clients in China, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.  He is a strong team leader who…

Francisco González
Senior Consultant, Latin America

Francisco González

Francisco is an expert in organization change and Lean Six Sigma with proven experience guiding critical change initiatives and enabling clients to deliver significant results.  He’s an insightful business advisor…

Our Global Network

The following are key members of our team supporting engagements around the world, and whose diverse and deep experience deliver success for Pivotal clients.

Ernie Arboles – North America

Former broadcast journalist and executive who moved from GE/NBC into continuous improvement and strategy consulting.  Clients in high tech, finance, and consumer products/logistics.  MBA and MBB, fluent in English and Spanish.

Jim Athon – North America

20+ year advisor to dozens of successful change efforts.  Combines engineering, humor and deep experience to make improvement engaging and effective.  Skilled in manufacturing, health care, petrochemical, finance and more.

Michelle Crosby, Ph.D. – North America

Veteran OD and HR executive with 25 years supporting strategic and operational change initiatives.  Leadership coach/consultant for such clients as Pfizer, HSBC, Stanley Black & Decker, and Four Seasons Hotels.

Erika DeVito – North America

Creative facilitator/consultant with a strong track record streamlining processes in service, logistics and manufacturing.  Self-described statistics-lover with complementary team-building and change management expertise.

Mark Halmrast – North America

Former Operations leader who helps client balance change efforts on urgent needs and longer-term results.  Expert in continuous improvement and transformational change, specializing in retail, financial services, and healthcare.

Colleen Kindler – North America

Engaging trainer, project consultant and coach. Works with leaders and front-line teams to target opportunities and streamline operations. Client experience in mining, health care, logistics, financial services and education.

Ed Vasko – North America

Change consultant in health care, operations, government and logistics. Former aerospace manager with a warm, friendly style. Consistently delivers significant results in cost and time savings, while building client capability.

Edir Kuroda – Latin America

Lean Six Sigma expert who ensures clients own and sustain results. Clients include Nestlé, International Paper, Walmart, Givaudan and Abbott. Excellent workshop leader and trainer. Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Alexandre Barbosa – Europe

Consultant, Master Black Belt, and manager with organizations globally, delivering significant savings and performance improvement.  Clients include Delphi, Barclays, GlaxoSmithKline and Givaudan.  Fluent in French, Portuguese and English.

Graham Forbes – Europe

Extensive service and manufacturing consulting, training and project leadership, building on career at Motorola.  Master Black Belt who brings a common sense approach to cross-functional and multi-cultural teams.

Bernd Stoeth – Europe

Broad, deep experience in change leadership, business assessment and process improvement, covering finance, IT, manufacturing and high tech. Early career with Mars and GE in production and quality. Fluent in English and German.

Soma Ariyaka – Asia Pacific

Consultant and trainer in strategic planning, team building, Lean Six Sigma deployment, and change execution methods.  Experience includes finance, engineering, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing.

Takahiro Kurata – Asia Pacific

Former system designer for Sony, combines technical skill and common sense to support continuous improvement and innovation. Popular trainer and coach with proven impact in multiple industries. Fluent in English and Japanese.

Ng Yeow Meng – Asia Pacific

Aviation lover whose GE experience led to consulting career across Asia in supply chain, finance, operations, call centers and more. Brings a broad background and energy to improvement projects. Fluent in English and Mandarin.

Surendra Tiwari – South Asia & Middle East

Over 20 years in engineering and organization improvement. Trainer and coach to over 1,000 Belts and change Champions. Developed skills in the automotive field, but has since worked in service, production and technology.

Looking to strengthen your improvement results?