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Pete is a recognized expert in organizational change leadership with over 35 years of consulting.  He has led strategic planning and operational improvement efforts for clients in a wide variety of industries, including government, manufacturing, retail, consumer products, high tech, healthcare and financial services.  He works closely with leaders to evaluate operational capability, establish priorities and guide initiatives to achieve strategic goals and boost performance.

Pete began his career in broadcasting and marketing before moving to consulting.  His work coaching and training on decision making, problem solving and Total Quality provided key insights into organizational change.  He formed Pivotal Resources in 1993 with the mission of helping leaders and front-line staff drive effective improvements in all areas of their organization.  His popular books include The Six Sigma Way—translated into nearly 20 languages and cited by Time and Forbes for its influence on business thinking.  He holds a BA from UC Riverside and MBA from National University.  Among his many clients: GE, Macy’s, Alberta Health Services, Givaudan, American Express and Charles Schwab.

Project Highlights

Adobe: Facilitated the vision, planning and deployment of a global continuous improvement initiative.  Helped link change efforts in multiple functions to customer experience and internal efficiency.  Led Pivotal team providing training, coaching and culture change support.

Oregon DMV: Led development of a Strategic Plan as the DMV prepared to modernize technology practices and tools.  Helped leaders improve governance and set clear change priorities to maintain alignment and optimize resources.

Fun Fact

Pete can often be found playing guitar, gardening, exercising or enjoying time with his wife and kids.