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Project Description

To ensure clear direction in parallel with a major systems/service transformation, Pivotal facilitated development of a three-year strategic plan for Oregon DMV.  The effort featured extensive agency-wide participation in a review of services, customer/partner needs, and critical issues and trends.  Recommendations from these efforts were used by the Executive Team to update the DMV Mission and Vision, operating principles and identify five strategic priorities—each linked to focused initiatives and goals.  Themes emerging from the plan included stronger collaboration with partner agencies, enhanced access to services, and development of a continuous improvement culture.  Pivotal prepared a draft write-up of the plan, which was thoroughly reviewed by stakeholders to ensure it reflected the views and aspirations of the agency.  Halfway through the planning period, we returned to conduct a progress review and plan update, while also consulting with leaders to refine the organization’s governance and priority-setting processes.

Project Results

The DMV administrator’s goal of having a “dog-eared, well-used document” was realized, as the plan kept the agency focused on strategic needs as it successfully moved to a new, modern technology platform.  DMV’s success in planning helped influence the larger Department of Transportation to develop its own strategic plan, for which we were also the consulting partner.